New volunteer fire fighters for Saturna


John Wiznuk

The Saturna Island community has five new fire fighters volunteering for the fire department. This good luck is enhanced by the fact that two of the recruits are East Point residents, David Osborne and Darrin Gilmore, meaning that ESB #2 now has crew to respond in the area.

Along with the other three recruits: Davey Obade, Anatole Ingram and Keith McMaster; these community minded individuals have taken on a serious work load in the process of becoming trained emergency responders. Besides attending regular practice nights, the first and third Tuesday of each month, they are taking recruit training on the second and fourth Tuesdays with some taking specialized weekend courses, such as the recent CPR training at ESB #1. This ‘hands on’ training compliments the fifteen module DVD delivered fire fighter skills training program which they have committed to complete on their own time: truly an example of dedicated community service.

Submitted by John Wiznuk, retired Chief

Photo caption left to right: David Osborne, Davey Obade, Keith McMaster, Anatole Ingram and Darrin Gilmore